Welcome to Dethwing!
Core Update Changelog 47 -> 49
Sep 13, 2014, 11:34 PM by fireheat
Release of End Time! http://www.wowhead.com/zone=5789

Misc changes:
Buying stacks no longer charges per item basis.
Brewfest fixes
Core Update Changelog 39.1 -> 47
Sep 2, 2014, 2:02 PM by fireheat
Here's a big one.

  • Paladin:

    • Divine Storm requires at least 4 enemies to be hit to grant holy power.
    • Speed of Light fixed
    • Holy Paladin Mastery: Illuminated Healing fixed
    • Tower of Radiance fixed
    • Sanctified Wrath fixed
    • Holy Wrath no longer stuns everyone

  • Priest:

    • Holy Priest Mastery: Echo of Light works
    • Shadow Priest Mastery: Shadow Orbs works
    • Pain and Suffering fixed
    • Sin and Punishment Fear on dispel works
    • Mana from archangel now scales with stacks of evangelism.
    • Atonement fixed. (Proc with Smite works. It doesnt proc with Holy Fire)
    • Chakra: Serenity changed around a little bit.

  • Warlock:

    • Glyph of Fear fixed
    • Glyph of Shadowburn fixed ... Click here to see the rest.
Cross-Realm Chat
Aug 28, 2014, 9:06 AM by Mundoo
[color=#32CD32]It's here![/color]
We've added cross-realm chat to Belfalas and Dethwing!

What's that mean? It means you will be able to talk to people on all of our realms! :D

World channel and LFG channel will be cross-realm, so you'll be able to talk to people. Yup! Cool eh?

Do note that this does not extend to guild chat (it might some time in the future, I'd had IRC guild chat in the works long ago but never finished it due to having more important things to work on), whispers, party chat, and adding people to your friends list.

It's just world chat and LFG chat. Simple :3
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