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Voting System Upgrade/Update (Re-announce)
Jan 15, 2015, 1:41 PM by Mundoo
We're planning on installing the updated/rebuilt voting site in the next coming week or two.

Before we do this, there is something you guys are going to have to do.

If you're on Belfalas, you need to create a forum account. Just make one with your current username and password, and everything will be okay. Nobody can make a forum account with your username without your password.

If you're on Dethwing, you probably already have a forum account. If not, do the above.

The reason for this is that the new voting site uses the forum login and stores all its data for your account alongside your forum account.

More information on what's in store for the upgrade: http://dethwing.com/forum/thread-6397.html

However those screenshots are from se ... Click here to see the rest.
December Fixes
Dec 28, 2014, 3:58 PM by Chi
December fixes

- Updated cataclysm's raid bosses valor points loot. Corrected it to 100.
- Updated boss loot for 1-60 dungeons
- Updated health/level/mana for several npcs in Tanaris
- Fixed Attunement to the Core object
- Cooked Christmas dinner
- Spawned missing Lashtail Hatchling in Zul’gurub (the instance)
- Updated bossloot in Karazhan
- Critter fix – rats in booty bay will no longer drop Un’goro quest items
- Removed old world spawns in Tanaris/Un'goro Crater
- Fixed Tanaris npc health/mana/level
- Fixed Un'goro crater npc health/mana/level
- Fixed BWL loot
- Fixed MC loot (not 100% sure about Majordomo cause his script tends to...vary)
- Re-fixed Omnotron Defense system 10n loot, heroic items will no longer drop
- Pilgrim's Bounty Sha ... Click here to see the rest.
November Fixes
Dec 6, 2014, 10:23 AM by Chi
Something new that we're going to be adding every month are a list of fixes that we don't forget to write down and remember what we've been doing, that are not included in the major core updates, but some of which are important enough to mention. Expect an update each month!

November fixes

- Updated loot for TBC dungeons/heroics
- Updated health/level/mana for several npcs in Feralas and Felwood
- Hallow’s end quest text fixes
- Hallow’s end questorder fixes
- Hallow’s end Loot update on the Headless Horseman
- Fixed Pilgrim’s Bounty questorder and questtexts
- Winter’s veil questtext and questorder fixes
- Winter’s veil Christmas gifts loot added
- Redone skinning loot for Outlands and Northrend
- Vengeful Rage removed from the game, avoiding exploitable ... Click here to see the rest.
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